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Working together 

When you volunteer with us our relationship is based on trust, mutual understanding and a common goal. There is no formal contract.

Whatever you choose to do as a volunteer you can be certain that you are making a valuable contribution to the project. It’s not just your time that you’re giving, its your skills, experience, local knowledge and enthusiasm.

In order to work effectively together, the Ashton Gatehouse Project will

  • respects volunteers as an important part of the project

  • will give volunteers training and support so that they know what they are doing and can do it safely

  • will tell each volunteer who they will be supported by and accountable to

  • will pay out of pocket expenses as agreed.

  • will keep personal information confidential

  • ensure volunteers are covered by public liability insurance against injury while volunteering and any claim by a member of the public

  • will treat volunteers fairly and in line with the equality and diversity policy

As a volunteer for the Ashton Gatehouse project I agree:

  • to do the tasks I have agreed to do as well as I can

  • that as a representative of the Ashton Gatehouse Project I will treat all those I deal with respectfully

  • to follow any policies and instructions used by the Ashton Gatehouse Project

  • to do any training that is needed for my role

  • to accept support and guidance for my role and cooperate with those responsible if there are any problems that need resolving

  • to let the Gatehouse Officer know about any circumstances or issues that might affect what I can do, so that support can be offered where possible

  • to let the Gatehouse Officer know if I am unable to volunteer at a time that was agreed as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made